Mom comes clean with Chappaqua police in lovely letter that nobody reads

The Coverup Nov 23, 2020

Well it took a long time, but Mom finally admits to police the truth. She made it up because of a "psychiatric condition" and given there were custody issues at play, she had "a lot of emotions and fears."

That's exactly what Grandpa Steve Walsh said in his text messages to Dad back in 2018, and yet, it is two and one half years later before she tells the truth.

That is all Dad ever asked of her in every discussion. "Just tell the truth, stay in treatment, let Evie have a father, and try to make amends for what you did," Dad what would always say, never wavering.

Mom Letter to Chappaqua Police November 23, 2020

After providing the letter to police, Mom got second thoughts. The letter was "coerced," she said. That was one of the things she accused Dad of doing, too. He "coerced" her into coming to San Francisco, because that was the only way to get his money. She keeps using that word. I don't think she knows what it means.

Here is the exchange with the attorney when Mom was "coerced:"

Attorney: "We sent over multiple options of people who could accompany the visits and every single one was rejected. Regarding the obstacles [...] you told police he threatened to kill you [...] you filed a TOP (temporary restraining order) against him for  filing a police report [against your father]. That along with fabricating to everyone that [he] is a violent drug addict are obstacles.

Mom: "See attached letter does this work?"

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