Podcast Slated to Expose ‘Poisonously Powerful’ Being Pressured Into Silence (Updated)

Chappaqua Mar 1, 2022

UPDATED: ChappaquaPoison.com warned that it was "putting itself in harms way" if it continued to work on this story. Sadly, this is not an isolated case of what only be referred to as 'death threats.'

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“Congratulations on your choice!” read the message from a local funeral home. It wasn’t spam, but it wasn’t all that genuine either. Someone had simply gone to a website and filled out a sales inquiry. They input Dad’s information and clicked “Send.” What he received, coincidentally on the same day

True Crime Podcast ‘Chappaqua Poison’ Set to Center Around New York Billionaire Family’s Unpunished Crimes, Scandalous Westchester Family Court

Chappaqua, NY (November 4, 2021) -- Chappaqua Poison, a true crime podcast and animated graphic novel about the criminal activities of members of a wealthy Chappaqua family and the scandals of the local family court system, has been postponed for now. According to its producers, after encountering several roadblocks - including an inexplicable cascading shut down of almost all associated social media ad accounts during the peak of audience exposure - and feeling increased pressure from Westchester Family Court, who has moved to put a gag order on one of the central subjects of the reporting, the decision to delay its release was made. However, a trove of reference materials and evidence with accompanying artwork is now available on the website www.chappaquapoison.com.

Cold Plum Media, LLC and its producers of the podcast released the following statement:

We are deeply disappointed but not surprised by the variety of efforts to stop this podcast from airing - and the inexplicable shut down of Facebook/Instagram ad accounts without the same appeal processes granted to everyone else. While we know we have the right to report on any and all corruption and injustices, we also must protect ourselves at this time until we are able to ascertain the scope of the abuse of power that is currently underway. Protecting our staff is our number one priority and after seeing the manipulation and criminal activity possible from some of the powerful subjects referenced in the podcast, and the influence held by these individuals, an abundance of caution is required for the safety of the staff and company moving forward. Those wanting to know the range of evidence, reference materials, and reporting in the meantime, can visit the website. What was set to be a thoughtful, well-researched, fact-driven, episodic audio narrative will now be a revealed collection of information for all to see and draw their own conclusions on the crimes and misconduct of the poisonously powerful. Our hope is to launch the podcast in the near future when it is safe to do so.

Additional information is set to appear on the website daily as the media company awaits a response from the court regarding their most recent actions. Inquiries can be directed to chappaquapoison (at) gmail (dot) com.

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