Mom and the Conmen: Matan, Maman & Momma

The Crime Jun 17, 2021

The same week Mom chatted with Matan Gavish about going to San Francisco to get money from Dad, she also reached out to her friend Jesse to ask about Matan. She, Jesse, and Matan had all grown up together.

In March of 2018, before her flight to SF, Mom wanted to know for sure if Matan's father was really in the Mossad or Israeli Intelligence.

Mom: I don't want to stay in [San Francisco] too long because I am worried I could never win in court.
Jesse: Got it.
Mom: Is Matan's Dad definitely in Mossad, or could Elan have been lying?
Jesse: Yea
Mom: Yea lying or yea in Mossad?
Jesse: Mossad.
Mom: How do you know for sure because Elan is kind of liar... I am just like asking.
Jesse: I know.

Matan Gavish

There were rumors that Matan's sister had followed in Dad's footsteps, but Matan was just a hustler who traded occasionally on his father's name and connections for a buck or to get laid. Who knows? This is Matan then:

Matan pretening to be cigar-smoking Mossad agent like his Dad

This is Matan now:

Matan aka 'The Dog-sitter' Gavish at last month's deposition
"I think I can stay there and figure out a way to make it work. I [also] think there's a risk of me exploding at some point if I go to SF and causing physical harm to Steve- which means the baby could be taken from me. Not risk almost a guarantee." - Mom wrote Matan just prior to heading to San Francisco.

With the Federal RICO looming, Matan has been made his presence around Dad's daughter more known. Today he was seen outside Evie's visit with Grandma at the scheduled pick up and was reported to police. 'Hey, I'm just the dog sitter, ya know. A friend. Not even a good friend. I just want what is best for these two, you know. I am well wisher. That's it. That's the ticket,' is what I imagine he told them.

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Mom and boyfriend conspire to get money and exact the “sweetest revenge on Dad.
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The day after Dad was granted emergency custody and a restraining order, Mom reached out to her on-again / off-again NY boyfriend, Matan for help, “bringing the bastard down.”

Nir Maman

When Nir was introduced to Dad, he claimed to be ex-Israeli Special Forces and quite literally a stack of other things. He wife Simone Dadoun-Cohen aka Simone Sinclaire's father was in Israeli intelligence and he could hook Dad for $10m his future. He also had some Nazi gold to sell him, which was awfully nice.

Nir Maman in action

Nir's wife Simone had gotten into some trouble a while back in Toronto pretending to run, or perhaps more accurately, running a pretend Ashley-Maddison-Style site and 'honey potting' rich men in Toronto (Financial Post October 2, 2015).

Simone Maman or Simone Dadoun-Cohen or Simone Sinclaire in Financial Post October 2, 2015

This is what Nir looked like back then:

Nir Maman of CT707 Krav Maga Systems and Ex-Toronto Transit Contstable

This is what Nir looks like now:

Nir Maman Instructor Bio at Force IMI

In the Federal RICO Case headed for trial later this year, Nir turned over text messages between Mom and himself in which the two seem to trade testimony in each other cases. Nir will help help Mom, if she helps him get $3m from Dad. He also hooks her up with cyber-guy in New York.

There is another fairly obviously scripted exchanged between the two, as well, in which they awkwardly document their story.

The Federal RICO case goes to trial later this year Case No. 3:18-cv-006691-RS against Maman et al. alleges...


...among other things against the men Mom now associates with.

"Defendants abused the relationship of trust and confidence [...] manipulated Russell, and intentionally fed him false information regarding security threats against him and the safety of his family and businesses, in an unlawful scheme to defraud Russell and extort him for upwards of $3 million. Defendants were engaged in a criminal enterprise to victimize [...] through an unlawful pattern of extortion, mail and wire fraud, and other unlawful conduct."

Though collaborating now, shortly after returning to New York in 2018, Mom had a different view of defendants.

"They are conmen," she would write. "I tried to protect you." When Dad asked, if she would testify and help get back the money they took, she replied curtly. "I'll think about it."

You an read more about mom and the conmen here:

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