Dad requests that be suspended to give family "time and space" for reconciliation. We agreed.

Grimma Feb 22, 2022

Updated April 23, 2022:

In February of 2022, a week long tial was held in San San Francisco. After four days of deliberation and review of thousands of pages of submtted evidence, a jury of 12 ruled against Tara Walsh on all three counts.  They called Ms. Walsh's actions "harmful,"  "outrageous," and done with "malice." The Judge called her actions "despicable."

Dad has requested that this site ( acquired by Cold Plum Media in 2020) be suspended. In light of the recent ruling and his request, we agreed. Dad's comments are below:

I can't blame people for being confused or taking sides in this extremely difficult and complex case. Whatever people thought transpired in the past, now that facts are more known and a jury has spoken, it is my hope that truth leads to some measure of reconciliation. My daughter deserves a father and frankly access to the entirety of her wonderful extended paternal family. Justice may have been done in my case, but every additional day Evie is denied a relationship with her family constitutes an new injustice that she did nothing to deserve." - Stephen Russell aka Dad

Tara Walsh, aka Mom,  has already admitted to Chappaqua police the circumstances that led her to flee San Francisco to her family compound in Chappaqua, New York.

Stephen and Maura Walsh have declined to comment on the recent ruling and continue to deny requests for visitation from Evie's father and paternal grandmother. No visitation or meaningful information has been shared about Evie in over two years.

Updated April 15, 2022:  In San Francisco Court today, Tara Walsh argued for a new trial and to have the judgement against her set aside; in part, because her father Stephen Walsh had not been able to testify. Her motions were denied and the Court reiterated that a jury of twelve had met and found her actions “despicable.”

Mr. Walsh had not traveled to San Francisco for the trial.  In fact, no one in Tara's family had made the trip. Mr. Walsh had previously testified in his deposition that the reason he and his wife Maura, had not flown to San Francisco after Tara's diagnosis of Borderline Personality with Sociopathic traits if they were concerned for Evie was because a "six hour flight is not something someone just does."

Since the verdict against Tara Walsh, there has been no communication from Stephen Walsh or any of the Walsh family; save for a threat to the law firm handling the kidnapping case in which he and Maura Walsh are named. It is the fourth time Walsh has threatened to take "the license" of an attorney working against him.

Stephen Walsh Threat Against Attorney

"Despicable:" An San Francisco Jury Finds Walsh Guilty of Drugging, Domestic Abuse & Intentional Infliction of Emotional Harm

February 14, 2022:

Four years of denials and delay culminated in an five day trial in San Francisco the week of Februay 14, 2022. After deliberating over the Presidents Day Weekend, the jury ruled on the causes of action before it including battery, domestic abuse and more.


Did Tara Walsh commit "Domestic Abuse" against Mr. Russell?


Was Tara Walsh's conduct "Outrageous?"


The judgment included loss, suffering and punative damages totaling around $400,000 though the number could go higher. Still pending from the Court is a seperate finding regarding Walsh's attempts to avoid a mental health evaluation and the filing of false claims against Mr. Russell. Ms. Walsh's counter claims were dismissed "with predjudice."

The New York Courts have decliend to comment on the ruling, or the kidnapping Mr. Russell's daughter from San Francisco. While the trial of Ms. Walsh was pending, the Westchester Court elected to accept Walsh's version of events despite the overwelming evidence to the contrary.

"We are very pleased with the verdict and expect Judge Schauer and the Westchester Court to take judicial notice of the ruling. The facts in this case have always been very clear for those willing to look. A judgment like this doesn't leave much room for interpreation," said Mr. Russell, adding "It's never too late to do the right thing."


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