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Dad May 31, 2021

So, this in an update: It's Monda...again. Nothing but silence from Grimma, Grumpa or Mom. No attorney cross talk. Not even a signed court order.

Well, Grumpa did write something to Dad's attorney Max about "ethics." It was short and softer than the last four times he threated to take Dad's lawyers' licenses, but that was still kind of the point.

Dad writes every day asking that Grimma, Grumpa, and Tara all just agree among themselves, and confirm the visits; so Grandma Linda won't be stuck driving another 13 hours for nothing.

There was one exception, Grandma Linda reached out to Mom. The exchange is below and I will let you read it without comment. It stands on it's own.

If you are here for the poetry, skip Grandma Linda's letter and scroll down to read Monday by Stephen Russell, a poem he wrote for his little girl. Today he emailed the Walshes asking that they read it to her, so she knows how much she means to him.

Grandma Letter to Mom:

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Linda Russell <lxxxx@xxx.com>
Date: Tue, Jun 1, 2021 at 10:39 PM
Subject: Visit
To: Tara Walsh <txxxxx@xxxx.com>

This is unacceptable.

Last week I drove 13 hours to see my Granddaughter and was denied. She has no idea that I was there and tried to spend time with her.

I also made it very clear that this week was off limits due to long term plans.

Today I learned that there is a new order for us to spend time together this Thursday.  I asked you for confirmation since last week there was a court order and still I did not see Evie. I asked your parents for confirmation because last week you blamed them when the court order wasn’t followed.

In fact I specifically requested your “approval or disapproval in writing before changing my plans” because this behavior is the rule rather than the exception. Meanwhile, I have been cautiously optimistic and figuring out the logistics to get from the other side of the country to Chappaqua for a full day visit in less than 48 hours. Frankly, I would move heaven and earth to see Evie and it has been really lovely to think about and plan.

But, despite all of this, and the hurdles ahead for this Thursday, you told Evie that I would spend the day with her? You tell me Evie is 'so excited to see me,' before I confirmed? You knew it would be difficult for me to make it. Then you tell me Evie will be so disappointed? And imply to the court that I’m not making a “genuine attempt to forge a relationship with Evie if. I don't show up?” Really?!??

When I first saw your email I jumped into gear to get there, but I’m not now. I will be there for every other visit the judge designated and will confirm each of them 24 hours prior.

What you are doing is abusive. I pray you were just trying to be hurtful to me and didn’t actually tell Evie I would be there. I know you did a similar thing to Steve last week and can only hope that was a lie meant to hurt him too. As difficult as you have been in this process I can’t imagine a mother doing this to her daughter deliberately.  

Sincerely, Linda

---------- Excerpted from ---------
From: Tara Walsh <xxxx@xxxx.com>
Date: Tue, Jun 1, 2021 at 5:31 PM
Subject: Re: Seeing Edie
To: Linda Russell <lxxxx@xxxx.com>
CC: Chris Weddle <cweddle@ktmlawfirm.com>

"It is inappropriate to include my parents in these emails and they asked to be kept out of this. I also ask that you respect their privacy and not contact them.
You are able to visit with Evie from 8:30 AM to around 5:30 PM on Thursday. I already told her about the visit and she asked that I be there- I have told her it would be funnier without me and I need to work. However, I do predict she will be upset to be handed over to you given she is unfamiliar with you- or she might not be which would be great!"

On Tue, 1 Jun 2021 at 20:02, Linda Russell <lxxxx@xxxx.com> wrote [excerpted]:

"I am asking for confirmation from you that Evie will be made available for all day visits this Thursday and next Thursday. Given that last week I drove out and was turned away, I want to get your approval or disapproval in writing before changing my plans."

Dad is going to fly out to New York tonight to see if he can get any clearer answers as well. He plans to do his remote facetime calls from a room a few doors down from Evie, while she visits with Grandma Linda. Mom made her agree that Dad not be present as a condition. Crazy.

Grumpa must really care about his money, reputation, or something else to do so much harm to his family.  Agamemnon only sacrificed one daughter, but Grumpa is down at least two.

Dad has always only proffered the same reasonable settlement proposal, never wavering:

He asks Mom tell the truth, stays in treatment, let Evie have a father, and attempt to make amends for the harms she caused.. That's it, and he won't seek full custody, and would provide a better life for Mom and Evie than an attic and NY mandated child support.

Grumpa says, "No" as if Evie belongs to them.

This is Evie's Story:

The Crime: Mom and Dad meet and Evie is born, but a crime disrupts their life in San Francisco
In Book One: The Crime, Mom is caught drugging Dad as part of an extortion attempt. Evie’s father receives emergency custody. A “higher standard of care” is recommended for Mom after a diagnosis of Borderline Personality with sociopathic traits.
Three judges, six lawyers, and five court appointed experts are fired, delicensed, or recuse themselves over a three year period where a custody battle without a single hearing ensues
Three Judges, six lawyers, and five court appointed experts are fired, delicensed or recuse themselves over a three year period where a custody battle without a single hearing ensues
The Abuse - Stevie ♥︎ Evie
Mom’s drugging and abuse of Evie’s Dad is not unique. Stories of violence, alcoholism, and abuse span generations of Mom’s family. Children labeled ‘difficult’ and ‘mentally ill’ are prescribed a cocktail of drugs, the same as those in Dad’s toxicology reports. Even the adopted Walsh children seem t…
The Coverup - Stevie ♥︎ Evie
Over three years, Mom makes a series dramatic and escalating claims to police, the court, family and attorneys. Three Judges, 6 attorneys, and five court appointed experts will recuse themselves, be fired, and in one case lose his license and flee the state. A confusing bramble of distractions and p…

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