Grimma and Grumpa's Scheme Undone: Courts in SF and NY vacate Mom's Orders and dismiss claims with prejudice after family depositions

The Evidence May 19, 2021

For three years, the Walsh family had been silent. They refused subpoenas and called the court documents arriving at their door “harassment.” At first, they simply stated they didn’t want to be involved. Later, they didn’t want to testify against their daughter. Finally, they claimed that they had nothing relevant to say.

Grumpa, Stephen Brendan Walsh in Deposition on April 26, 2021

Those three little lies exploded into whoppers during this week’s video depositions. Compelled by the court after years of evasion, the Walsh family surprised everyone with a bizarre and coordinated act of perjury and evasion.

The Walshes were deposed to confirm the veracity of a few, straightforward facts:

1) Grimma, Maura Walsh, demanded the mental health evaluation of her daughter. The Psyhiatrist, Dr. Gopal, had been recommended by Mom's primary care physician Dr. Alpers. (See posts A & B for texts and messages confirming these facts).
2) Through that evaluation, Mom was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and sociopathic traits. Her family had long suspected this diagnosis. (See posts C & D for messages and texts of the family discussing her diagnosis and treatment plan).
3) After she was caught by the Nanny slipping drugs in Dad's wine, Mom attempted to flee San Francisco WITHOUT her daughter. Instead, the family talked her into staging a fake vacation to Westchester instead – fearing her loss of custody (see posts E & F for related messages).
4) The Walsh family has a long and well-documented history of crime, abuse, druggings, alcoholism, violence, and mental illness (see posts G & H).

These facts surely aren't flattering, and you can understand a desire to keep it off the record, but now – after three years of delay and court orders to testify – aren't they here to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Not so much.

Matan "Just Friends" Gavish:

Matan Gavish asked about 'Monster Schitzo' nickname for Mom on April 20, 2021

Attorney: "Why was Ms. Walsh's name Monster Schitzo in your phone?"

Mom: "Objection, speculative and based on no evidence you've obtained; that's something your client has provided as his...version of events that he got from hacking into my phone. But there is nothing that has ever been provided to substantiate that claim.* So, that is completely accusatory and harassment to say that."

*Note: Text messages were produced to substantiate the claim.

Attorney: "You can respond."

Matan: "I don't know what you are talking about."

Grimma "Hush now and take your medicine" Walsh

Most of Grimma's multi-hour deposition was spent repeating the phrases "I don't recall," "Private Family Matter," and the ever-persuasive, "You are harassing me."

Grimma asked whether Mom went to San Francisco for Money on April 23, 2021

Attorney: "Did Tara go to San Francisco for money?"

Grimma: "You're harassing me. You're harassing me."

However, when questioned about a letter attributed to Grimma, previously proven to have actually been written by Mom, Matan, and Brie, Grimma provided a clear response:

Grimma claims she authored letter to court, despite evidence showing the contrary.

Grimma: "I wrote that."

Munchausen-by-Proxy is a disorder where a parent, typically the mother, drugs her child for the attention and praise she receives while caring for her 'sick' offspring. Every Walsh child, adopted or biological, has been taken to the same doctor and diagnosed with the same disorder, and given the same medicine right about the time they enter adolescence.

Grimma is shown the text message from her youngest daughter to Mom. The youngest daughter confides in Mom that she believes that she is being secretly drugged with Lithium and Seroquel by Grimma.

Grimma: "Private family matter."

Grimma was also asked about the day Dad thought he had been drugged in New York and was being followed. He had been drugged and indeed, the Walshes had him followed. They kicked him out of the apartment "tripping," confused, and exhausted from four days at Mom's side in the hospital.

Grimma: "I KNOW a psychotic episode when I see one. He was having a psychotic episode [...] I have training."

Attorney: What training do you have?

Grimma: I was trained as a nurse.

Attorney: Are you a nurse?

Grimma: Already asked and answered.

Attorney: No you haven't.

Grimma: I KNOW what a psychotic break looks like.

Grimma knows best.

Grimma was waiting in the car the day Mom was taken home to the apartment where Dad was waiting. Only Grumpa Walsh, Mom, and the Bronx NYPD Cop, Joe Prendergast – who Grumpa had bonded with at the hospital – entered the apartment and talked to Dad. They kicked Dad out. He called an Uber and left. No one offered him help, or to take him to the hospital. No one called or even texted to see how he was doing. The drugs wore off, he got some sleep, and eight hours later he was fine.

Brendan "Stewie" "Dexter" Walsh

"Stop smiling at me." - Brendan Walsh on April 23, 2021

Brendan Walsh, aka Dexter, aka Stewie, aka Stuprendan, depending on who you ask gave a creepy performance worthy of his name. "You are harassing me." "Stop smiling." "It puts the lotion on it's skin, or it gets the hose again." Well, maybe not that last one, but he sure looked like he was thinking it.

Brendan Walsh and Mom's attorney, Frank S. Moore, took turns insulting Dad's attorney, Joy Llaguno, over the next few hours.

Frank S. Moore: "[A]ct like a lawyer [...] Do you know anything about the evidence code and character? [...] Go back to law school! [...] This is law school 101. [...] Come on man [...] You're a disgusting human being."

Joy Llaguno: "Have you ever worked for Tara?"

Brendan Walsh: "Your comments are meant to harass me. I will not answer private information."

Joy Llaguno: "You believe the question 'Have you ever worked for Tara?' is harassing?

Brendan Walsh: "I am not answering private information, and I do. You continually ask questions that are private information [...] and continue with only the intent to harass me.

Joy Llaguno: "Your older sister Brienne testified that she lives in Savannah, GA now. How often do you speak with Brienne?"

Frank S. Moore: "Objection relevancy."

Brendan Walsh: "I don't believe you are pronouncing her name right. Please try again."

Joy Llaguno: "Can you tell me ho..."

Brendan Walsh: "You said it correctly the first time, at the beginning of the deposition. So, just say it that way again and I'll see if I am pronouncing it correctly."

Joy Llaguno: "Brienne."

Brendan Walsh: "Yes, try that again. You said it earlier correctly. Just say it once more."

Joy Llaguano: "I am just going to continue, if you are not going tell me how to pronounce it."

Brendan Walsh: "Well, I can't answer. I don't know who you are referring to unless you can pronounce the name properly."

Joy Llaguno: "Your older sister, Brienne Walsh."

Brendan Walsh: "Ok, can you say it again. You said it correctly the first time. Just say it oooone mooore time."

The pattern repeats one or two more times.

Joy Llaguno: "How often do you speak to her?"

Brendan Walsh: "I am not answering private information."

Joy Llaguno: "Brienne testified in her deposition that she writes a personal blog called ABrieGrowsInBrooklyn?"

Brendan Walsh: "I have no recollection."

Joy Llaguno: "I have a second follow up question."

Brendan Walsh: "I have no current recollection."

Joy Llaguno: "Brienne has also --"

Brendan Walsh: "You continue – can you record for the record that she is continually laughing at me and I find it offensive."

Joy Llaguno: "I am not laughing. I am not laughing"

Frank S. Moore: "It is being recorded, so don't worry about it."

As evidence by the recording, Ms. Llaguno was, of course, not laughing – despite the obvious absurdity of the exchange.

Brendan Walsh: "Is the court reporter allowed to make faces too? She continually makes facial expressions in reaction to the testimony, like rolling her eyes right now."

The deposition builds to crescendo and Brendan is asked about the day he and cousin Brian Meenan had waited in the bushes at Evie’s drop-off  in the pitch black giving the court-appointed supervisor the “worst sheer fright of [her] life.” Brian wore a camo hat, and they both had what looked to be baseball bats tucked between their legs (see post XYZ). Dad’s attorney had Brendan read the court appointed supervisor’s account of the interaction.

Brendan deflated ever so slightly, and his eyes deadened.

Brendan Walsh: "No current recollection."

Attorney Joy Llaguno asks Brendan Walsh to read the sworn account of the Court Supervisor. "Does this refresh your recollection?"

Brendan Walsh: "I am not discussing a private incident that happened or did not happen within my family."

Read between the lines - Brendan Walsh April 23, 2021

Grumpa "I don't understand what you are saying so I will take it as an insult" Walsh

Grumpa Walsh was last. He is a fraudster, convicted of financial crimes and the kind of liar you never see coming. His job at Drexel was to build relationships with people, traders, investors and friends then sell them out. The SEC came down on him hard and he “retired.” Years later he returned to work selling Mortgage Backed Securities and managed trade out before the crash. He sits in a dark office of polished wood, the kind you see in movies like Wall street.

It’s clear the parroted phrases used in the previous depositions "harassment", "private matter", "I don’t recall that," are his. They come out of his mouth in a way that is more comfortable and he owns.

When asked about whether Mom tried to flee SF without her baby after being caught in a crime he states a clear “No.”  Then after a short pause lifts his right hand and holds it flat and shaking in the motion that generally implies “Well... kinda... sorta.” His shoulders and eyes suggest that too, but he doesn’t correct his answer, instead he chuckles.

Grumpa clearly says 'No,' but does he? April 26, 2021

Joy Llaguno asks why Steve Walsh never went to San Francisco if he felt his daughter and granddaughter were in danger.

Joy Llaguno: "Do you know if anyone in your family went to San Francisco to help Tara?"

Stephen Walsh: "No. Nobody in our family went to San Francisco."

Joy Llaguno: "Why not?"

Stephen Walsh: "Why not? San Francisco is a six hour flight...Right?...from New York. It's not somethin' you just go and do."

In contrast, Dad has flown to Chappaqua two dozen times and spent nearly a year there fighting for his daughter.

Grumpa Walsh states that Tara and Evie live with him under his care. It’s stated in a way that might imply an end of discussion, that he’s handling it,  that this patriarch has the situation under control. He doesn’t seem to know that Mom has told the court that she moved out, has a job, and can care of herself and Evie – and needs a lot of child support.

Joy Llaguno: "So, you mentioned that Tara and your granddaughter Evie live with long have they lived with you?"

Stephen Walsh: "Since roughly June 2018 – no, since June 2018, not roughly – early June.  I don't know the exact date."

Joy Llaguno: "And since June 2018, they have lived with you consistently?"

Stephen Walsh: "That is correct."

Joy Llaguno: "Does Tara pay you any rent?"

Stephen Walsh: "She does not."

Joy Llaguno: "Does she help with any house expenses such as groceries?"

Stephen Walsh: "She buys her own groceries."

Evie belongs to Grumpa. Mom can buy her own food for all he cares.  Again as the deposition goes on he becomes more agitated, but also more confident.  He repeats a well-known lie: Dad is mentally ill, a court said so and took Evie from him, and gave Mom a 5 year restraining order.

He knows this to be untrue. The orders he refers to were never provided by the court, no hearing was held, and the papers somehow magically got to Mom or her politically-connected parents ex parte just prior to that Judge recusing herself without comment.

The matter is settled. Leave his family alone. He and Grimma will raise Evie.

A week later, the orders he referred to were vacated and expunged.  The back-room deal was undone by a Judge in Yonkers after the last and final Judge in Westchester recused himself.  There were no Judges left and Mom had admitted her lie to Chappaqua police six months earlier.

Maybe Grumpa just didn’t know about this. Maybe Mom hadn’t spoken of it in their dark and silent house on the hill. Or maybe he was lying.

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