Grumpa pretends to be a nice guy but quickly becomes enraged at any provocation

The Abuse Sep 17, 2019
"This may get me in trouble, but I get my bad temper from my father"

Here is an excerpt of Aunt Brie's blog from September 17, 2019:

On Rage and Motherhood

September 17, 2019

"This may get me in trouble, but I get my bad temper from my father. My father is Mr. Nice Guy to strangers, and especially those who society perceives as lesser, like the homeless. Approach my dad smelling like BO with your toes sticking out of your shoes, and he will find out your life story, and treat you like his equal. But cut my father off on the highway, and he will practically whine from the intensity of the rage that fills his body."

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Brienne Walsh

Brienne Walsh is a writer and art critic. She is sister to Tara Walsh and the daughter of Stephen Walsh and Brendan Walsh. Her blog documents her life and family history.

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