Grandma Linda drives thirteen hours trying to see Evie; Grumpa tells her to turn around, doesn't need to follow court orders

The Courts May 24, 2021

With the fake custody & restraining order vacated, and the last of the three Judges in Westchester recused from the case, it was time to see Evie. The last visit allowed by Grumpa and Mom was in Sept 2019. [That's when Mom's brother Stuprendan and cousin waited outside the gates of the estate in the woods – in the pitch black, wearing cammo – with what looked to be baseball bats.]


The new Judge in Yonkers gives reason for hope. Unlike every other Judge she actually read the briefs. She admonished Mom and, and put an order in place for visits immediatly. Three remote visists per week for Dad and in-person for Grandma Linda, who lives in Punxatawny, Pennsylvania. In two weeks, she will do more.

Grandma Linda and the two sons she raised and sent to Stanford. Mother Day 2017

Oh, we don't need an order for Grandma Linda, says Mom. We can just set up something ourselves. Okay, the plan is among ther things to do facetime visits with Evie while she is with Grandma Linda and has set up toys and maybe showed her vidoes of her last visit with Dad. There is a court monitor assigned to make sure the calls and visits happen and to protect dad from any shenanigans, her name is Jen.

Dad sets up a time with Jen. Grandma Linda talks to Mom and hits the road. The drive from Punxatawney, PA is just over six hours. On the drive, Mom goes silent. Nothing.

After arriving in Chappaqua, NY and renting a room at a nearby hotel, she hears from Mom. She wants to change things around. Her parents say no. And she's no longer comfortable with the one-hour visits the court ordered. She states that doesn't think there is even a court order, she hasn't seen it, and that the attoreneys needed to get involved. The visit is off.

Grandma Linda calls Grumpa's cell phone and he picks up.

Grumpa: Yes, Evie was with him and Grimma. They are her primary caregivers. She and Tara live at their home. Evie is there all day every day, but will be starting camp soon and does things like swimming.

Grandma Linda: Well great, that makes it easy. I am happy to watch her some days so you can have a break. When can I come by?

Grumpa: You can't just drop in unannounced. Grimma and I need two weeks notice. I don't care what the court order says. That order doesn't affect Grimma and me. Furthermore, I am just not comfortable letting visits happen while Dad has his lawsuit. [Obviously this is paraphrased, the recording will be posted later.]

Note: Grumpa had said the same thing to Dad, when he called to wish Evie a happy birthday on January 27. As long as the SF lawsuits were going on, Dad wouldn't see Evie. He'd let Evie know Dad called though, and hung up without even letting Dad wish Evie happy birthday on a phone call.

🎵 Full call between Dad and Grumpa uploaded soon.

Grandma Linda: Well, can we get together for Lunch or Dinner. We are adults and should be able find some time to talk while I am in town.

Grumpa: No. And I will call you if I ever need to talk to you.

Mom's attorney never contacted us.  The time of the appointment came and went. But, Mom had the visit anyway. She didn't tell Jen that she had cancelled the call claiming there was no court order and that attorneys needed to be talk. She left Jen with the impression that Dad had stood Evie up, because he is a bad person and doesn't prioritize Evie.

Meanwhile, a half mile away, Grandma Linda has set up a baby paradise with videos of her and Daddy having fun ready to play on the TV. Dad keeps a treasure trove of toys and stuffed animals in the area. Dad was told by an expert, who reviewed past visits, that it was important to make the visits fun and to have a buffer between the stress of the Walsh home and general good-times she has with Dad.

Everything got packed up and Grandma Linda headed home. Another 6 1/2 hour drive.

Back to Mom and Jen:  Jen worries that Evie might be upset that Dad's Facetime didn't happen. Evie wasn't in the room for their talk, but she told Tara how to handle things just in case. Say things like – "The times got mixed up." "We are going to talk to your Daddy very soon." Your Dad loves you very much, and can't wait to see you." You shouldine.

A couple of hours later, Mom calls Jen back and the court appointed attorney. Evie is devastated - extremely upset. How could Dad to this to her deliberately? We don't know if that is actually true, because we never do with Mom, but wow. Just wow.

Grandma Linda arrives at home in Pennsylvania and she and Mom talk again. Mom blames her parents for the very limited availability. She needs two weeks notice. She is afraid that Grandma Linda and Dad will take Evie out of Westchester, as well. And Grandma Linda is still a "stranger," and she knows Evie will be upset. Besides, Evie is very very busy meet new strangers everyday at Camp and Swimming, so it hard to fit Grandma Linda in.

"Okay Tara," Grandma Linda says. You tell me when can I see Evie. I have my calendar right here.

Mom: Well, you can drive back today and see her for 20 minutes (said deliberately and maliciously).

The message was clear, she planned to make Grandma Linda suffer if she persisted in trying to see Evie. Thirteen hours of driving for 20 minutes? Grumpa Walsh refused to come to San Francisco when Mom started her delusions, was caught drugging Dad, and was diagnosed BPD.

Grandma Linda called or wrote every day that week and the following, but Mom's attorney was MIA, and neither Mom, Grimma, or Grumpa returned any phone calls.

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